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Selecting the right server or network hardware is essential to ensure the efficiency of your business. Evolvement has expertise in providing and maintaining on-premise and cloud server solutions, from physical to virtual server technologies to the specifications required to efficiently power your IT infrastructure.

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Choosing the right server

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We make sure the servers we recommend, supply and install for you are the perfect fit for your business needs

We manage server and network installations for customers in Swansea, Cardiff and Bristol areas, however we are comfortable travelling further afield for projects.

Our experienced IT consultants can analyse your business processes and recommend the most appropriate hardware and security products for your business.

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the best server solutions for you

Servers & Data Centre Servers

Evolvement can provide private cloud servers to power hosted desktop solutions, this means that your business can make considerable cost savings by using thin client computers on-premise and the computer processing resources are managed by the remote cloud server.

Software as as Service is becoming more popular and it is expected that thin clients will replace desktop workstations. Thin clients are less vulnerable to malware attacks, last longer, have a lower power consumption and are less expensive to purchase.

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