Managed IT Security

As a Managed IT Security Services Provider (MSSP) Evolvement will assist you with the design, implementation and continued support of a robust cyber security strategy that integrates technical and governance services to maximise protection of your organisations assets and data.

Network Security Scanning

Evolvement can help your business by scanning your network for vulnerabilities and strengthen your defences against a successful cyber-attack. Businesses pay out millions of pounds per year to recover from attacks because they’ve ignored key security issues, leading to loss of Intellectual Property, Confidential information and reputational damage. As a team, your business and Evolvement can check that you really are secure. We run in-depth Network Security Scans and extensive testing to improve your security.

Threat Detection, Continuous Monitoring and Alerting

Evolvement’s network security vulnerability services can be set up to continuously scan for hosts communicating with infected systems, viruses, malware and backdoors, and unknown processes as well as web services that may be linking to malicious content. By continuously scanning your network means that there are no blind spots left by periodic scanning.

Evolvement acts as a driver to ensure your business maintains good security by using the most widely deployed software solutions to perform network vulnerability assessments on your infrastructure. Scanning software can help prevent network attacks by identifying the vulnerabilities and configuration issues that hackers use to penetrate your network. Monitoring solutions run from a secure cloud server, configured to run continuously and any gaps identified get sent to our Service Desk as alerts, we push reports to you with recommendations to remediate the holes in your security posture or can supply services to do this for you.

The passive scanning service can discover all assets on your network and will immediately detect vulnerabilities as they connect to your network, the solution also detects suspicious traffic and connections.

The key features of using Evolvement for vulnerability scanning and continous monitoring are:

  • Asset Discovery – Active and passive discovery of all assets on your network.
  • Vulnerability Assessment – Identification of vulnerable systems through active network scanning and continuous monitoring.
  • Intrusion Detection – built in IDS, host-based IDS and file integrity monitoring allow for rapid detection and response of threats.
  • Behavioural Monitoring – suspicious network behaviour is instantly identified through NetFlow analysis and service monitoring.
  • SIEM & Log Management – Correlate and analyse security event data across your network.
  • Remote and local security – Evolvement is able to detect remote flaws on a network as well as their missing patches and local flaws.
  • Advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) – inspects all traffic, from mobile apps, sync clients, native apps and off premises devices, for potential DLP violations.
  • Decoding – all cloud traffic is seen and decoded through the platform, providing you with visibility and control over your services, on all devices.
  • Advanced threat protection – offers a unique cloud vantage point providing multiple layers for threat detection and offering fast solutions.
  • Real-time cloud activity – The Context Engine enables visibility of your business activity in the cloud showing: users, locations, dates, times, content and much more.

Vulnerability scans support a wide range of operating systems, databases, network devices and applications in both physical and virtual environments. Evolvement can perform remote scans and also local deeper scans auditing on a network device’s configuration.

Evolvement will report what matters by severity meaning your business can focus on the high vulnerabilities first. Evolvement aims to help your business develop a strategy towards improved security posture, this can be a step by step process, by focusing on what is critical first and continuously monitoring with real-time advanced software will result in a cost effective way to safeguard your business.

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