Managed IT Security Services

Evolvement Managed IT Security Service and Site Security Assessment can scan your organisation for vulnerabilities and recommend solutions, fix the issues and continually demonstrate how your business is being kept safe.

Site Security Manager continuously scans and analyses your network and assets giving a score out of 100%, this is accessible in real time through a ‘Site Security Dashboard’, this alerts us of threats so that we can deliver proactive support fixes. Customers and technicians can login to a secure online dashboard and view an up to date security assessment at any time. This includes email reports with recommendations made by our support team and any critical issues are followed up with a telephone call.

Detailed service reports allow us to identify what is at risk and drill down to discover and remediate those issues that are a threat. We provide a proactive solution achieved in accordance with a Service Level Agreement that matches your exact business requirements.


Site Security Manager can assess the following:

  • Password management Policy: Including ranking the user’s password complexity
  • Status of Anti-Virus Software: Do all devices have it installed, is it up to date?
  • Patch Management Health: Efficiently address security vulnerabilities by reviewing, approving, and automating patches
  • Network Security: Scanning includes alerting if the network uses open authentication and what encryption types are used, which supports recommendations made under the GDPR
  • Wi-Fi networks that managed devices have connected to
  • Auto Detection of Network Devices: automatically detect new network device, alert, monitor and roll out Anti-Virus
  • Supply and centrally manage encrypted removable USB storage devices for safeguarding data in the office or remotely
  • Mobility Management: access control for secure mobile devices, govern access to resources from verified and trusted mobile devices
  • Additionally, the detection of User Account Control can prevent software making changes to your computer

Evolvement assesses and measures a business’s environment and its security status. Our assessment tool provides a comprehensive report with easy to view summary of existing protection and prioritises the actions required to improve security posture.


Endpoint Protection with Managed Antivirus:

Evolvement can protect your business with just one click offering multi-layered threat protection for people, data and devices from a central control dashboard. This enables us and customers to view the level of protection and take proactive action when issues arise. Offering site-wide protection and online safety with analytics and reports, plus defence against unknown threats, this service is an absolute necessity for any business.

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