GDPR Auditing & Consultancy

Protecting your company and client data

Evolvement supports UK businesses throughout the country and overseas with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) from its locations in Cardiff and Bristol.

The GDPR is new legislation that became enforceable by law on 25th May 2018. The regulation endeavours to strengthen data protection rights throughout the European Union and beyond.

GDPR & Information Security Support Services

Evolvement's GDPR auditing and consultancy services are designed to advise you, provide staff training and awareness and help you to implement or update policies and procedures necessary to become compliant. Our consultants are certified EU GDPR Practitioners and can provide the following services:

GDPR Data Protection and Cyber Security Audit

We will conduct a complete risk assessment to determine your organisations current level of GDPR compliance and provide a detailed review of any gaps or vulnerabilities in your processes, this includes remediation and implementation suppprt solutions to become fully compliant.


Data Mapping, Flows & Asset Inventory

Evolvement audits the personal data you hold, where it is stored, including a full Asset Inventory of all systems and processes, we then assess the data flow process on how data is obtained, who controls it and how it is processed. We conduct due diligence checks on who you share the data with and assist with safeguards to protect personal data in the supply chain.


DPO Services: Impact Assessments, Training, Incident Response

Evolvement Data Protection Officer (DPO) services offer assessments to identify any risk in data processing activities that may affect the rights of data subjects. A DPO can provide Training and Awareness for staff. The DPO will implement an Incident Response plan and execute this with you in the event of a Data Breach.


Ongoing Compliance Monitoring

We will conduct regular reviews of your data protection processes to ensure your business remains GDPR compliant. Our audits are customised to the size of your organisation and follow ups can be conducted annually or as your business structure changes.

EU General Data Protection Regulation

The new legislation is compulsory for all businesses that control and or process the data of EU citizens; while there are a lot of changes that have come into action it is important to understand the effect these changes will have or should have had on your business and that you are fully compliant with the regulatory requirements as failure to comply can result in large fines and damage to your organisations reputation.

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