Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Azure is a comprehensive cloud platform that can be utilised as data storage tool, an app development tool or a full infrastructure system. Azure is fully compliant for the storage of data and maximises security by replicating data three times and operating from UK data centres.

Azure is renowned for the ability to offer both infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS).


Azure operates as a provider of computing infrastructure including servers; storage; network and operating systems.



Azure operates as a platform to enhance the development of applications and software services by simplifying and speeding up the building and testing process across all platforms.

Considered the most versatile cloud computing option available, Azure's list of services is extensive. Some of the key services Azure offer include:

Data Storage

Azure offers database as a service which allows easy and instant scalability of your cloud platform and will also save you money.



Real-time analytics allows you to make the informed decisions for your business.


Hybrid Integration

Azure is the best platform for hybrid integration, and these services also provide server backup and site recovery.

Microsoft Azure enables your organisation to focus on core business instead of spending time and money on computer infrastructure also reducing upfront costs that you might otherwise be faced with. Key features of Azure include:

  • Flexible for a variety of business models
  • Fully compliant service
  • Disaster recovery and back up
  • Pay only for what you use
  • The best hybrid cloud service
  • Large geographic presence

Evolvement offers enablement of Microsoft Azure and as such we will:

  • Help transition viable workloads to Azure
  • Optimise workloads running in hybrid and public cloud environments
  • Help your organisation to stage, test and validate before moving production environments to Azure.

To find out more about how Evolvement can enable Azure in your organisation get in touch with our technical sales team today.



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