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Microsoft Hosted Exchange

Migration to Hosted Exchange couldn’t be easier with Evolvement. Hosted Exchange has been advanced for business allowing your workforce to collaborate, communicate and manage your business more effectively and efficiently.

As a provider of the Hosted Exchange Evolvement adheres to the neccesary regulations to ensure your data is reliably stored. Our data centre is UK based and is securley hosted in compliance with ISO-27001. Find out more about Hosted Exchange for business.

Anti-Spam Security

Utilises content and reputation based scanning to ensure maximum security.


Secure Archiving

Secure long term storage of your business emails and efficient search and recover capabilities for quick access to your emails.


Cloud Processing

Cloud processing for email ensures that email threats are removed at the internet level away from your organisations network.

Why Hosted Exchange?

Secure & Reliable

Hosted Exchange helps protect your organisations information using advanced capabilities. Anti-malware and anti-spam filtering protects your mailboxes and data loss prevention cababilities prevent users from accidentally sending confidential information to the wrong person.

Remain in control

The Exchange admin centre allows for easy management within your organisation. You can even create approved mobile device lists, enforce PIN lock and remotely wipe confidential company data from lost mobile devices.

Easy to use & maintain

Hosted Exchange provides users within your organisation the business email they need and with anywhere access to email, calendar, and contacts on all browsers and devices it couldn’t be easier, integration with Outlook allows a familiar email experience with offline access.

Other Key Feaures include:

  • Fully adjustable mailbox sizes from 1GB to 125GB (discover more about these massive mailboxes here)
  • Ability to easily migrate from other Exchange plaforms
  • Work anywhere, anytime with Outlook Anywhere Access
  • Ability to sync easily with all smartphones
  • Protection against cyber threats with FREE anti-spam and anti-virus
  • Shared calendars, contacts and tasks with organisation wide address list
  • File sharing (40 MB attachement size)
  • Multiple domains and domain name management
  • Delegate access
  • Remote mobile data wipe

Secure Email Messaging

To provide even higher security we also offer the Secure Email Messaging service which is compatible with Hosted Exchange and Office 365. The Secure Email Messaging service enables real time message tracking and control, large file transfers, secure e-signature validation and regulatory compliance and archiving capabilities.

Secure Email Messaging ensures that the thousands of emails your organisation sends each day are secured through an Email Encryption feature that allows your business to send, receive and track secure corporate messages and attachments using any existing email address or platform. Find out more about Secure Email Messaging.

The most notable features of Secure Email Messaging are:

  • Email Encryption - send, receive and track secure corporate messages and attachments using any existing email address or platform
  • Advanced message control – Control emails via patented functionality such as ForwardFreeze, ReplyFreeze, For Your Eyes Only (FYEO) and full message recall.
  • Delivery Slip – Embeds in Outlook, Office 365 OWA or other email clients to provide detailed, real time tracking and notifications of emails with 100% accuracy.
  • Send secure large files – Share large files (up to 5GBs) quickly and know in real time when and how the information was received.
  • Reduced risk of data leak prevention (DLP) – recall emails with ease


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