Flexible and secure private cloud in Cardiff and Bristol

Evolvement’s low-risk, comprehensive cloud computing solution opens up enormous opportunities for your business. The cloud offers amazing cost savings in IT but if your main expertise isn’t in cloud setup, it can be difficult to get right.

Evolvement offers a highly dependable and flexible service to deliver your infrastructure and applications securely into the Cloud. So you don’t have to work it all out on your own.

Evolvement will work with you to establish a tailored cloud service solution to suit your organisational needs.

Through our partnerships, with leading cloud vendors, we can integrate a world-class privately managed cloud solution for your business, with a flat monthly fee, and no long term lock-in typical with other private cloud contracts.

Evolvement will be with you every step of the way providing you with a fully managed service to ensure proper configuration and support for your migration to the cloud.

Safeguarding your journey to the cloud.

Cloud migration strategy and security are at the heart of Evolvement’s cloud service offering, and by applying risk assessment and auditing coupled with integrating a strong security framework for your users, Evolvement ensures your journey to the cloud is a safe one.

By carefully assessing your existing infrastructure and understanding the scope of your business requirements, Evolvement takes the cost out of building complex architectures for your systems through a fully managed, modular platform with flexible business terms.



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