Backup & Recovery – Is Your Business an Always-On Business?

Without an effective business continuity and disaster recovery plan, businesses could lose time and money and also risk damage to their reputations. Preventing cyber attacks is an important aspect of IT security. It is the first layer of defence. However, does great prevention guarantee there will be no successful cyber attacks? Of course not.

Businesses need to be more resilient to threats and able to recover and continue from the impact of a cyber attack. Evolvement provides a fully managed DRaaS offering to SMEs that includes strategic advice, implementation and expert support.

Evolvement’s approach to Disaster Recovery Service includes a plan with straightforward procedures and instructions so that the people in your business know what is expected of them and know how to reconnect to business data! Without an effective DR Strategy there is no business continuity.

Do you know what to do in the event that your business computer systems become unavailable?

Disaster Recovery as a Service is important for companies who need continuous protection of data and applications that are essential for the operation of their critical business functions.

The traditional method of just being able to recover is no longer sufficient, as the digital transformation in our economies continuously evolves, the need for a business to be an ‘Always-On Business’ is a fundamental objective to avoid reputational risk. And so it is important to ensure that when implementing a Business Continuity solution that it is configured correctly, most of the time this is not the case and can often lead to significant slowdown in the system and slower recovery times.

The system is only as good as you have tested and this is why we follow the correct procedure and invest time to ensure that your recovery implementation is configured and fully tested to ensure your business operates as an always-on business.

No plan is static as no business remains static and so we believe that solutions should be revised at dynamic intervals in your company’s growth, we provide an ongoing consultancy to ensure your business remains online.


Evolvement offers a cost effective way to offer DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) by providing continuous asynchronous off-site data replication using real time technology techniques.
All data is continuously backed up to your own private DRaaS Cloud Server, it is fast, accurate and will do what you expect it to do when disruption occurs, it is available 24/7. And as it is a Cloud based solution it means you can scale up and down depending on your business needs. One of the main benefits of DRaaS means that you don’t need the same level of investment as a non-cloud solution and also avoid initial capital investment.

Evolvement’s DRaaS Solution offers:

  • Always-On Business: Continuous Automatic Data Backup, your data is accessible from your Cloud Infrastructure 24/7 in any event and from any location
  • No capital investment, low monthly cost with reviews to ensure your business recovery plan remains aligned with it’s recovery time objectives
  • Faster Data Recovery, Cost Effectiveness, Expert Support and Easy Testing
  • Evolvement provides consultancy to ensure that you understand your recovery priorities and can help implement a documented recovery strategy

"We did a data recovery simulation as part of our ISO 9001/2015 Audit and asked Evolvement to recover information. The speed of backup recovery was literally less than 5 minutes after making the call to the service desk! Unbelievable, we were very impressed."

Damian Waters, Manufacturing Director, Lumishore


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