Cyber Security Audit

The Evolvement Cyber Security Audit is an annual validation of your organisations internal and external IT systems. The check is in place to ensure that your organisations systems are maximising the protection of your organisations sensitive data.

The Cyber Security Audit will provide your organisation with concise information on how to implement maximum security for your data and show that your organisation takes cyber security in Cardiff seriously. You need to know where your data is and understand the risk to your business, by understanding how to protect it and ensure that your users understand policies and procedures so that they adhere to your security rules will mean your business is safe.

Our engineers will work closely with your organisation to understand your primary needs for IT security and ensure we deliver to you a realistic approach for achieving and maintaining these goals.

What We Check

  • 5 Areas of Mitigation
  • Internal Checks
  • External Checks

Mitigation is required to protect your organisation from a cyber-attack. The most common way in which your organisations systems are vulnerable to attack is through phishing and hacking. The Evolvement Cyber Security Audit will implement the controls listed below in order to mitigate and control any threat.

Secure Configuration
Boundary Firewalls
Access Control
Patch Management
Malware Protection

The internal systems will be tested to determine that no significant weaknesses exist on the network infrastructure or individual systems that could allow an internal device to intentionally or unintentionally impact the security of another.

Weakness Detection
Database Testing
WiFi Testing

Your organisations external systems will be tested to ensure maximum protection from unauthorised access or change.

Remote Testing
Supplier Testing
Internet Testing

How It Works

  • A member of the Evolvement team will go through the Cyber Security Questionnaire with your organisation, allowing us to gain a clear picture of your organsiations infrastructure and current defence.
  • An Evolvement engineer will conduct the necessary tests on the organisations internal and external systems as appropriate.
  • A full report of the major findings will be issued to your organisation along with reliable recommendations for maintaining a secure network.
  • A follow up meeting to provide advice and planning for implementing a robust cyber security strategy for your organisation.

IT Compliance and Governance Support

IT Infrastructure and the way your users share data has changed, but do you have the ability to monitor your data and IT security from a central management system? If not, then how can you react to changing security threats?

Evolvement aims to give you businesses control over Information Security by offering compliance support services in Cardiff and South Wales. Evolvement provides assistance with the implementation of Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) that comply to ISO 27000.

IT Security Risk Assessment

Evolvement provides a complete IT Security Risk Assessment of your systems and can provide continuous monitoring and management solutions so that you have a real time overview of the complete security landscape and the ability to protect all data regardless of where it is stored.

Business use of cloud services is now growing faster than the overall IT market, the challenge is to protect the movement of everything out of the businesses’ IT network and into the Cloud, your company could run a mix of systems that are part virtualised on a private cloud with some applications still running on a local network, you may also have data that has been moved to various clouds by users who feel they are capable of using IT in any way they please while putting your business at risk.

An ISMS is a way of managing your confidential business details so that they can remain secure. Your security is more than just digital files on a hard disk, they include people, processes and IT systems. Evolvement can work with you to apply a well-planned risk management process including a treatment plan and a strategy for implementation.



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