Cyber Security Auditing and Certification

Cyber Essentials Certification

Easy and affordable management of IT security risk across your entire organisation, your partners and supply chain.

Cyber Security Audit is a security testing and rating service that converts vulnerability data into get well plans and risk management reports for businesses.

What does it do?

The security audit collects data on your business and displays your security posture. It’s easy: Our technicians run the software on your network, scan your assets and produce a peer-rated cyber security score, this includes a get-well plan and certificate.

Interpreting and Improving Your Score

Following the cyber security scan a score is given and this is a measure of your internal security, this is how tough you are on the inside. The strength of your external security is also measured and scored, this is how hard your network is to the outside world.

Fixing Vulnerabilities and Retesting

A technical ‘Cyber Security Health Plan’ helps us to remediate any security vulnerabilities so that we can retest and improve your score.

Cyber Security Certification: Cyber Essentials Plus

The solution automatically assesses your alignment to the Cyber Essentials Plus scheme. As a CyberScore partner Evolvement will be able to offer Cyber Essentials Plus certification. More information in Cyber Essentials Plus can be found here:

The process can lower the cost of expensive penetration testing and improves quality and ongoing compliance.

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