WiFi for Hospitality & Leisure

Reliable guest WiFi systems are now more important than running water in a hotel or venue, and having a strong reliable wireless system makes your customers more happier.

By integrating a WiFi Marketing automation solution means your business can continuously engage customers by converting free WiFi footfall into an effective ad re-targeting channel to promote products and services. The result is more sales leads, social traffic, promotional sales, app downloads, event or membership sales and more.

Venues can offer WiFi in common areas for free, offering improved coverage and signal strength for reliable guest Internet access, mobile wireless devices can be used to securely access reservation and administration tools from anywhere on the property ensuring high levels of service.


For hotels and leisure groups that want faster, more reliable guest wireless services at a lower overall cost of ownership, Evolvement can install new wireless solutions that will reduce the original access point count. By implementing WiFi marketing your business can build valuable marketing lists, re-market to customers by sending triggered emails, launch sponsored social media, and deliver display ads for events and tickets on the WiFi login page.



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