Hosted Software Solutions

Software as a Service is scalable, cost effective and keeps your business moving forward!

Evolvement offers flexible office 365 and Hosted Exchange services in Cardiff and South Wales. Evolvement can help your business realise the benefits of hosted software solutions by providing installation and support services for Office 365, Hosted Microsoft Exchange, Hosted Desktop solutions and fully managed private cloud for applications.

On-Premises Exchange to Office 365 Services

Evolvement provides migration services to support with the successful migration of on premise Exchange to Office 365, this can be done with zero downtime.

Flexible pricing is one of the biggest values of Hosted Microsoft Exchange, because you get more than just the email services with your package such as remote working and mobility. The software is secure and Evolvement can provide a backup of your email data in the cloud and locally for business continuity purposes.

Office 365

Office 365 allows your business to collaborate easily with access to email, calendar, files and Office applications from any of your devices, on the road, at home or at the office. Evolvement also provides you and your Office 365 users with access to our reactive help desk system, meaning that you can get support from our highly trained support technicians.

By using Evolvement’s Office 365 Hosted Service your Office programs will be kept up-to date with the latest versions, including the latest Office 2016. Our service provides you with a platform which allows you to securely share and work on your files by making use of customizable privacy settings which helps keep your critical data safe.

Secure Email Messaging

Evolvement can provide your business with a secure Email Messaging service that allows your employees to send, receive and track secure messages and attachments using any existing platform. In addition to the Email Encryption, Evolvement is also able to provide you with Advanced message control, Delivery Tracking and Sending Large files securely.

Microsoft SharePoint

Evolvement is able to offer Hosted SharePoint so that you can share information, manage projects and collaborate on documents using the latest cloud technology. You can also use Evolvement’s Hosted SharePoint as a corporate intranet, where you can host company policies, guides and day-to-day tasks can be kept up-to-date. Evolvement’s Hosted SharePoint is accessible through any browser, mobile or desktop meaning that you can take your documents with you and share on the go. With Evolvement’s SharePoint solution you’ll also be able to manage users and control who has access to which documents with ease, all from your web browser.

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